9AM Sunday school
10:30AM Worship Service
5:30PM Evening Service

7:30PM bible study


111 N. Sunvalley Blvd.
Mesa, AZ 85207

Mailing Address:
PO Box 6699, Mesa AZ 85216-6699


(480 ) 641-7275

(480) 782-9049 fax

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Welcome to Gethsemane Park Apostolic Church

We at Gethsemane Park Apostolic Church invite you to worship with us! No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

COVID-19 Protocol: 

We strongly encourage all members and visitors to follow the CDC and the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, guidelines by wearing mask as you enter the sanctuary and while you are in the service. Please maintain six feet of distancing. If you have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, please stay at home and self-isolate, if you are not doing so already. Self-isolation means staying at home in a specific room away from other people and pets, and using a separate bathroom, if possible. Self-isolation helps slow the spread of COVID-19 and can keep your family, friends, and community safe. To know the symptoms, click here (poster) or click here (text).

We believe that God loves all of creation, and through Jesus Christ we are brought into fellowship with God. We are a family, proclaiming the love and grace of God, as found in God's Word. All are welcome at Gethsemane Park Apostolic Church - those who believe as well as those who are seeking.

At each service we gather for meaningful worship to study God’s word. We reach out with the heart of ministry to care for our neighbors in the name of Christ here and around the world. We have fun and fellowship in a variety of activities ranging from dinners to sporting events. As we work and worship together we find that our faith grows as we enjoy friends old and new.

You will discover many exciting opportunities at Gethsemane Park Apostolic Church. Our website is just the introduction to the spirit of our church. We want you to feel at home and comfortable here. We are pleased to welcome you as part of a growing and diverse Christian community.

Please join us for an upcoming worship service, whether live or Live-streaming. There’s a place for you here at Gethsemane Park Apostolic Church.

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Mountain States Coucil

Join us in worship, bible teaching, spiritual growth, and dynamic preaching during our Virtual Council, Feb. 9-11, 2022.

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